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So who is "Jessica"? I'm a bookish nerd and currently competing athlete, balancing a frenetic Manhattan existence with a lifelong passion for nature. I have a career and hobbies I thoroughly enjoy, but alas! I'm usually trapped behind a computer screen for most of the day. Of course, I do crave diverse company... I admire people who are intelligent, creative, kind, funny, or surprisingly unique... and, I am fascinated by those who are different from myself, in some way - whether it be culturally, professionally, or perhaps in terms of knowledge or lifestyle. So that's what brings me here - the prospect of warmth, intrigue, being touched by a different person's experiences... perhaps not so unlike you.

Physically, I'm a tall, toned, light-eyed brunette, considered a great beauty by friends and family. This time of year (summertime), I have shiny brown hair with natural sunstreaks resulting from many hours spent outdoors. I enjoy sailing, cycling, skiing, hiking, and jogging, and keep in excellent shape.

Otherwise, I'm generally kind, always lighthearted and smiling. A lifelong tomboy, I can be a bit clumsy at times, to the amusement of my friends. My style is very all-natural - you will find me neither superficial nor materialistic - but I do appreciate high quality in fashion as well as everything else, and take pride in looking very smartly-dressed at any function. Just don't expect me to have 100 different pairs of shoes and a different nail color to match each ensemble ;-)

If, after reading the above, you think that we might have a good time together, please contact me. I am sure that I will be very happy to hear from you.


Locations  |  Incall/Outcall  |   Fly Me to You  |  Deposits 

1 hour (outcall only) - $1,000

90 minutes - $1200

2 hours - $1500

Cocktails & Tapas (or a relaxed lunch date)* - 3 hours - $1800

Dinner & dessert (my favorite!) - 4 hours - $2000

Dinner, and a show* - 6 hours - $2500

Overnight - $3500

24 hours - $5000

Weekend - $8,000


If you are an old friend, please continue to see me at grandfathered arrangements. I appreciate you!!! :-)

Please place my compensation in plain view (if you'd like, you may enclose it inside an envelope or greeting card) at the beginning of our encounter. If paying electronically, please make sure I have received the full amount before we begin our time together. 



I consider Manhattan my home base. At this time, I'm residing in NJ, a quick train ride away from both NYC and Philadelphia. 

I am happy to drive or fly wherever you are! Please see my fly-me-to-you page (even if it's really train-me-to-you :) ). 

Upcoming Travel!!! :) :) :) 

New Orleans (dates available 12/8, 12/11-12)

San Francisco (1/26-1/28)

Las Vegas (2022)


While I don't have a static location, I'm more than happy to provide accommodations for our date. A deposit is required, to cover the cost of accommodations plus a small portion of my time.

I may require a deposit for outcalls, at my discretion. Reasons may include unusual travel time or expense, high cost of accommodations, previous cancellations, or any other reason. More about deposits at the end of this section (it's quick, easy, convenient, and discreet.  I promise! :) ).

Overnights and extended dates:

Yes, please! :-)

While I don't designate a specific duration for an overnight date, mine normally begin with a dinner at (around) 7-8PM, and conclude with breakfast at (around) 7-9AM the next morning. For any extended/overnight date, please allow me at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep :-) 

For dates longer than 12-15 hours, please allow me at least 2 hours of private time each day for exercise, minor personal obligations, self-care, etc. 

Fly me to you

I'm always happy to make new friends and see new places! The minimum date for me to fly to you is 6 hours, plus travel expenses. Please see my Fly Me to You page for more info :)


It's quick, easy, convenient, and discreet. I promise! :) Several methods are listed below:

The most discreet method (no electronic trail): Purchase a Vanilla Visa gift card (non-reloadable) and email me two cell phone images of the front and back of the card

CashApp (please contact me for my handle)

Venmo (please contact me for my handle)

Amazon e-gift cards: Please contact me before sending, as I use an unpublished email address for this.

Credit card: I will email you an invoice. A discreet business name will appear on your credit card statement.


Deposit return policy: Should I have to cancel the date at any time, I will refund the deposit in full. Should you cancel within 48 hours of our date, I will refund the deposit minus any expenses incurred. Should you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, the deposit is non-refundable.

Credit Cards

I will email you an invoice upon request. A discreet business name will appear on your credit card statement. Payment must be made in full before our appointment date.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you escort?
I find that escorting allows me to meet a fascinating variety of people, all of different backgrounds, interests, and lifestyles. I find that very enjoyable and exhilirating. As a bonus, escorting gives me the time and freedom to pursue passions (artistic, educational, entrepreneurial) that are extremely important to me.

Do you provide incall?
I don't have a static location, but I can provide accommodations for our date. It will be arranged for you personally, at a location convenient to you. An advance deposit is required to cover the cost of accommodations plus a small portion of my time. 

How can I make a deposit?

It's quick, easy, convenient, and discreet. I promise! :) Several methods are listed below:

The most discreet way (will not leave an electronic trail):  Purchase a Vanilla Visa gift card (must be the non-reloadable type) and email me two cell phone images of the front and back of the card

CashApp (contact me for handle, or give me your handle so I can make a request)

Venmo (contact me for my handle)

Amazon e-gift cards: Please contact me before sending, as I use an unpublished email address for this.

Credit card: I will email you an invoice. A discreet business name will appear on your credit card statement.

Do you accept credit cards, CashApp, or Venmo?
Yes, as long as payment is made in full before our appointment date. If you are using a credit card, I will email you an invoice upon request. A discreet business name will appear on your credit card statement. 

Are your pictures you? When were they taken?
All photos in my gallery and ads are of me, and accurately depict my physical condition. If you hover over each photo, you can see the date on which it was taken.  You will not meet someone 15 pounds heavier or 15 years older than in her photos. The professional photos (Main Gallery) are very minimally retouched; candids (Selfies Gallery) are completely unretouched.

What is your schedule?
I am available by appointment, when scheduled in advance. The more notice, the better the likelihood that I will be available at the time you request.

In what areas are you available? Do you travel?
I'm based in Manhattan, temporarily residing in Central NJ. I can travel to you if you are located elsewhere. If I am driving, my range is approximately from Baltimore to Westchester/Connecticut, or Eastern Long Island. For any other destinations, please see my fly-me-to-you page (even if it's really train-me-to-you :) ). A minimum date and/or deposit may apply, depending on travel time and costs. 

Do you have age or other restrictions for clients?
My strong preference is to see mature gentlemen over the age of ~40. With that said, I have no absolute rules or restrictions, and make all decisions on a case-by-case basis. Basically, I want to meet kind, interesting people who will treat someone in my profession with the utmost respect.

Can we meet face-to-face in lieu of screening?
I'll arrange a date only after you have been screened. I won't take time to meet with someone not yet vetted as trustworthy and safe. In addition, screening beforehand will create a more secure and comfortable atmoshphere for our meeting, which in turn helps to create a more positive experience for both of us. My contact form will guide you through the screening process; there are no alternate options available. If you are not comfortable with the screening process, I absolutely understand and respect your choice, but in that case, you will unfortunately need to find another companion.

May I write a review?
I've been established long enough that I don't feel like reviews are really necessary or helpful to me. I feel it's better to keep certain things private... If you must write one, that is certainly your prerogative... however, PLEASE be tasteful and discreet, without any details of services or, any personal details about me beyond what I choose to share on my website or social mediaPrivate Delights is a site I prefer above others. Its policies are more consistent with my philosophy. But again... I really prefer you don't write one. Thank you :-) 


Can you meet me socially, for coffee or dinner?
Many people find my company enjoyable - simply put, that is what I do for a living. While I may genuinely enjoy spending time with you, I will also consider your respect for my time and profession a great courtesy.

I want to be in touch between meetings. May I text or email you? 
I will provide a phone number just prior to our meeting; however, that number is to be used only right before our date. Please use email at all other times.

While these small email responses may seem like just a minute here or a minute there, they actually eat up a huge part of our lives. Please, we can chat when we see each other :) I have a very full life, as I'm sure you do as well! I simply can't maintain a regular correspondence between meetings, because it WILL detract from my other obligations.

I consider this an utmost courtesy, as well as a statement of respect for me, and my time. 

If you particularly desire regular written contact with me, you may read about my correspondence packages here. Unfortunately, at this time, I cannot offer this option due to other obligations. 

Do you smoke?
No. I don't mind if you are a smoker, but I do request that you try to refrain from smoking while you are around me.

Do you have tattoos or piercings?
Pierced ears, nothing else. No tattoos.

What will you wear on our date?
I will dress appropriately for the occasion, while also respecting your expressed desires as to attire (if applicable). I would never wear anything that would attract attention to me (or you) in anything but a positive manner.

Do you like women?
Yes, I enjoy women very much! My very sexy friend, the lovely and vicacious Violetta Michelle (currently based in Chicago) visits NYC every few weeks, and we are available for duos. I am also acquainted with several other amazing women in NYC, Philadelphia, NJ, Delaware, and Seattle! 

We request a 90-minute minimum for this. An hour is too short for double the fun!!! ;) ;) ;)

Do you like gifts?
Of course! But at this time, I'd prefer that you make a donation someplace (in my name or yours), rather than gifting me. That will mean a lot to me. I support Alzheimer's research, Project Safe Philly, Witness to Innocence, and helping North Korean refugees.

There are a few arts organizations with which I'm personally involved. I'm not able to post a direct link from my 'Jessica' website, but I know they are very worthy organizations and that your donation will do a lot of good in the world:). Please email me for more I go.

Are you available for exclusive, semi-exclusive, or other long-term arrangements?
No, I'm not available for any long-term or exclusive arrangements. However, I do enjoy seeing old friends on a regular or semi-regular basis :)

Can I date you?
Be careful what you wish for... ;-)
But, to be serious... while we may truly share a special connection, our time together is meant to be enjoyed within this designated context. If you are looking for a relationship, then please search within the appropriate channels. I want to reserve my time and energy for friends who truly appreciate my services.

Are you single?
Please see above :-) I don’t believe that my relationship status is relevant to our time together. Please let it suffice to say that I am 100% dedicated to providing excellent companionship services, and having a great time while doing so!

Do you offer BDSM sessions?
While I sometimes partake in *light* role play with the right person (so long as I'm comfortable with the situation), I'm really not the right person for you if you're looking for an immersive BDSM experience. If that's the case, I recommend seeking out a professional dominant or submissive. These two websites are a great place to start your search: and

(No, I'm not intersted in finding the right person to initiate me ;-) )

I emailed you, and you never replied.
Perhaps there wasn't respect shown for my verification process (please see my contact form). Or perhaps, in some way, you came across as a person I would not wish to meet.

It’s been my unfortunate experience that, when I politely decline a request to meet, the other party persists with entreaties and worse. Thus, if I get the sense that we won’t be a match, I will not engage at all. While you may not agree with my decision, I do ask that you respect my wishes, and please seek out another companion.

Is there anything else?
For most things, I’ll assume that common sense will suffice… However, there is one other subject I’d like to address. I am an easygoing person, not particularly partial to rules or formalities. However, respect for time is extremely important to me. Please don’t take advantage of my kindness. (I’m not talking about innocently losing track of time, as I do agree the hours fly by while we’re having fun :-) ). If I feel that you’re disregarding my time, or purposefully endeavoring to delay your departure (or mine) beyond the agreed-upon time, it is unlikely that you’ll find me inclined to accept future dates. My time is very much in demand, so I have no need or desire to spend time with somebody who doesn’t treat me with the utmost consideration. With that said, most people I’ve met have been completely amazing, true gentlemen in every sense of the word. Hopefully, this is a completely unnecessary reminder, and we can enjoy a mutually pleasurable relationship for a long time :)

Contact Me



I look forward to receiving introductions that will make my life more exciting!! :-) 


A light screening is mandatory for all new clients. For your convenience, I provide a contact form (link above) that will guide you through the process. If you prefer, you may send me the information via email.


Show Email Address


When you send me your information, please tell me a little bit about yourself, and what you have in mind for our time together. I always like to know something about who I'll be meeting :-)


I won't meet anybody without prior screening, as outlined on my screening form. No exceptions :-) If you can't or don't wish to provide the info asked, I completely understand and respect your choice. However, in that case, you'll unfortunately need to find another companion.


I can't wait to hear from you!

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